The Climate Stories Incubator

This talk by Allison Carruth is part of the Screen Arts and Culture Forum-sponsored panel session at the 2024 Modern Language Association (MLA) convention in Philadelphia. The session explores how media studies and environmental studies interface in the field of ecomedia. The speakers will address case studies in ecomedia research, teaching, public engagement and creative practice. The panel is convened and chaired by Alenda Chang, a professor of film and media studies and co-founding editor of Media+Environment at UC Santa Barbara.

The session program features four talks:

  • "Synthetic Futures: Plastic, Petroleum, and Personhood in the Cultural Imagination," Elizabeth Swanstrom (University of Utah)
        • "Composing Landscapes: Daguerreotype and the Asian American Outdoors," Heidi Amin-Hong (UC Santa Barbara)
              • "Modeling Growth and Degrowth in Digital Games," Alenda Chang (UC Santa Barbara)
              • "The Climate Stories Incubator," Allison Carruth (Princeton University)