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Launched in 2021 and led by Professor Allison Carruth, Blue Lab is an environmental research, storytelling and art group. Our multidisciplinary team investigates and creates original stories and creative projects about lived experiences of large-scale environmental challenges—from climate change and green energy to multispecies justice and food and water futures. In this work, we bridge the tools of art and science, research and creative practice, historical knowledge and speculative imagination. 

Our core members have expertise in a wide range of fields, including American studies, anthropology, environmental arts, environmental humanities, geoscience, hydrology, Latin American history, multispecies justice, poetry and poetics, photography and theater. We partner with artists, editors, producers, journalists and filmmakers as well as community groups, media outlets and environmental organizations.

Current members

Lab alumni

Current Collaborators

  • John Higgins, Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University
  • Tim Szetela, Lecturer in Visual Arts, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University
  • Kouvenda Media, Consulting producer for audio story projects