A workshop case study in food and environmental justice storytelling led by Barron Bixler + Allison Carruth

Co-led by Allison Carruth and Barron Bixler of Princeton University's Blue Lab, this workshop is designed for scholars and students from across disciplines who have a creative practice or creative project idea and would benefit from insights on how to develop such work into a public-facing project with social impact. The workshop addresses a combination of conceptual principles and practical approaches to making collaborative, creative, multimedia work and finding audiences for it. For this invitational workshop at the University of Texas, Arlington, we will take as food and environmental justice storytelling as a case study.

A prayer to Iemanjá: Collapsing fisheries in northeastern Brazil

Screenshots from the case study: Story by Barron Bixler and Allison Carruth • Photography, videography and design by Barron Bixler