Biosphere 2, photo illustration courtesy of Barron Bixler.

Exhibit overview

"The Marine City Art Show explores the rich and varied relationship between NYC and its marine environment. The Greenpoint Art Circle, a supportive collective for and by local visual creators of all levels, and Sustainable Ocean Alliance NYC, an ocean advocacy group, have collaborated to present this art show at Greenpoint’s beautiful Church of the Ascension (127 Kent Street). The opening reception is Saturday, March 12 from 6 p.m.–10 p.m. and will also feature poetry and live music on the theme.

The work in The Marine City explores the rich and storied relationship between New York City and its surrounding marine environment, from personal perspectives and impressions to historical and community matters, which include the effects of climate change. These visual works bring together a kaleidoscope of visions from artists that are inspired by the magnificence of our city’s waters and shorelands."

Excerpted from North Brooklyn News